2020 year 

Xingshow company participated Exhibition of Taiwan International.

Xingshow company's website launched officially on March.

2019 year 

ISO9001 passed Review of SGS on December.

Coating products passed acid rain test for 20cycle on December.

2018 year

Coating products passed salt spray test of 4000 hours on December.

We’ve got ISO9001 certification apply from SGS on December.

We participated in Exhibition of Osaka Machinery Element Technology in Japan on October.

169th Special issue of Huida Screw Magazine introduced coating products of Xingshow on March.

2015 year 

Coating products passed weather resistance (UV irradiation) on April, 2015.

2014 year 

Establish Aegis Coating on December.

2013 year 

Coating products passed test of SP SITAC ISO-9226 C4 on June.